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  • Alyssa Shank, LPC

    I am Alyssa Shank, a licensed professional counselor practicing for the past 18 years in a variety of settings.  As a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional II, I utilize a variety of techniques to assist people in working towards processing, coping and building insight into ways in which trauma may be taking up space in unproductive ways.  In addition, I assist people in building insight into their own resilience, hope and strength.

    As a clinician, some of my strengths lie in assisting others who are discovering personal leadership and honoring natural healing abilities.  I work from the belief that each person is an expert on themselves, and help people connect with a path that works for them. My theoretical approach integrates Systems (including IFS), Somatic Experiencing, Narrative, Dialectical Behavior, Acceptance & Commitment, and Cognitive Therapies to support ongoing growth and change.  In my own journey and in my work I believe in remaining teachable and consider myself a perpetual student of people, life and work.

    I know at times life can seem confusing or even impossible. I believe with every fiber of my being we all have the answers we need. Somehow, we get separated from our core strength and truth. I am interested in your story and use the description, “enlightened witness” as a way to describe some of what I do in my work as a therapist and healer. I see myself as a fellow traveler, a helper, and a companion who “holds the lantern” to help guide people out of dark places and into personal version of  light. Much of the time we are living a narrative others have crafted, often by pain rather than strength. These narratives can feel like prisons, but we can heal and take back our story, and choose to see from a compassionate lens. I encourage clients to embrace acceptance, reflection, and most of all self-love.

    Some of my greatest joy comes from helping people move past pain into healthy and loving relationships with themselves and others. I believe suffering is inevitable but not without wisdom and growth. Sometimes seeing our strengths is difficult. Self-love must include your whole being and all parts ~ messy, vulnerable, raw and authentic. You are the velveteen rabbit, and you are already worthy of your own love. You are already real and worthy of living a full and joyful life.

    In my work, I take the time to get to know others, understand what they care about and what they seek.  I utilize a variety of evidenced based modalities that complement each other to support individualized treatment.