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  • Narrative Exposure Therapy

    What is Narrative Exposure Therapy?

    Narrative Exposure Therapy (NET) is a form of talk therapy that focuses on processing emotional, sensory, and cognitive experiences related to trauma and adversity across the lifespan. NET integrates written homework and talk therapy. It is helpful in processing past trauma, gaining insight into  how the past influences the current, and integrating past memories.

    NET helps individuals to:

    • Increase insight into how the past has influenced present beliefs, relationships, and emotional experiences
    • Process past trauma and adversity
    • Understand their life in a linear fashion, as opposed to fragmented negative beliefs that can often appear with trauma
    • Evaluate whether emotions, behaviors, and beliefs are helpful or hurtful
    • Identify the source of unhelpful emotions, behaviors, and beliefs
    • Develop alternative, healthy ways of coping

    If you are seeking help identifying, utilizing, and processing your emotions, we encourage you to contact us today.