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  • Can EMDR Therapy be Done Online?

    When the pandemic hit, many people began to work with their therapists online. As the pandemic unfolded and more and more therapists began using EMDR therapy online, it became clear that this protocol was just as effective used virtually as it was in-person.

    While anecdotal evidence has its place (and there is plenty of anecdotal evidence for online EMDR therapy), scientific research is now emerging that indicates the effectiveness of EMDR therapy practiced online.

    How is EMDR Therapy Conducted Online?

    If you know anything about EMDR, you know that it requires bilateral stimulation (BLS). Generally an EMDR therapist would facilitate the movement of their client’s eyes by moving their finger from left to right in front of the client’s face.

    Thanks to alternate methods for BLS and HIPAA compliant platforms designed specifically for EMDR delivery, a therapist and client can conduct telehealth sessions, and bilateral stimulation can still easily be achieved.

    EMDR is a highly effective tool for helping individuals heal from trauma disorders and PTSD. Additionally, benefits of EMDR can be experienced through both telehealth and in person sessions.